St. Luke’s News
September 2017

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From Father James Long
St. Luke’s Associate Priest in Indonesia

A tiny group of Christians gather at the home of a local patron to await the arrival of a special guest.  The table is laden with a simple but ample banquet, the centre of which is a cone of yellow rice  decked with boiled quail eggs.  A young catechumen sits nervously with her pastor and parents for a few final words of preparation while refugees and local citizens mingle near the table and tingle with anticipation. A hymn is practiced by the Persians and Filipinos for whom the tune is unfamiliar. Finally, word comes that the guest has arrived with his entourage, including two armed guards provided by the local government.  It is the Archbishop of Melbourne, Primate of Australia. How he came to be here is another story for another day. As a few more guests straggle in, he changes into his alb and stole, and everyone walks in haphazard procession down a lane overhung with palms and flowering shrubs to an even more luxurious home— with a fountain. The nymph has been unceremoniously removed from her alcove above the water and a large brass cross—a gift from brothers in America— shines brightly in her place.  The Triune God is invoked and praised.  His word is read, and the Primate preaches as joyfully as if to a packed cathedral to these Indonesians, Koreans, Australians, Iranians, and Americans.  Now, the vows are echoed, the water blessed and entered, and a dear daughter of God is united with Christ in his death and resurrection. “I baptize you,” intones her pastor, “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  Our first Korean member steps forth from the  fountain and is anointed by the Primate.  Tracing the sign of the Cross upon her forehead, he charges her to live valiantly  for Christ the Lord. ..
Please pray for Uni, whose given name is Seeyon (Zion), and for her father Tony who willingly gave her to the Lord, but is not yet himself the Lord’s disciple.
Thank you all for your prayers.  Thank you for the cross you sent.  Thank you, Archbishop Marsh for stretching your vision to enable the name of Jesus to be extended to these shores through your influence. Thank you, Good Lord for shedding  your grace to the “isles afar off.”



Included here are pictures of the Baptism, and some of our church service last Lord’s Day in a local restaurant (note the furnishings of the altar from Br. Erv.), And a meeting with our Iranians during the week.  They need real homes in good countries!

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Diocese of the Northeast Synod 2017
St. Luke’s Church will have the honor of hosting the Northeast Deocesan Synod on October 26 – 28. Lee Garre will be in charge of arrangements and will need LOTS of help. Please ask her what will be required, and watch for more information in this newsletter and in announcements at church services.

Blessing of the Animals

St. Luke’s will hold a blessing of the animals celebration along with a petting zoo and ice cream for all on Sunday, October 8. Come one, come all, and bring your favorite pets – on a leash, under good control, in a cage, in a bowl, etc. The event will take place on the side yard next to the parking lot following the 10:30 service.

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Sunday Services

8:30am – Holy Eucharist

10:00am – Holy Eucharist


In depth healing prayer
This meeting takes place on the first Saturday of every month at 12;00.